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Posted by Helena on
I can't thank Julie enough for her patience and guidance when I was learning to drive. I passed with two minors and have just completed my pass plus successfully thanks to Julie. She made learning to drive very fun and she is a nice, funny instructor who I would recommend to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Thanks Julie :)
Posted by Catherine on
Julie is awesome! I contacted her late last summer, after a year's gap in lessons and interrupted learning due to being away and starting uni - so I was a bit all over the place and apprehensive about getting on with driving again. But after meeting Julie and having a couple of trial lessons that month, and then arranging a course of learning for the following Christmas hols when I would be back home again, I straight away felt so much more confident! Julie gave me a fantastic course of lessons that winter, and I passed in January! She's so calm and clear and everything makes sense when you're in the car with her. Plus we always had a giggle in the lessons, so nerves went out of the window :) Now I am driving by myself and it is fabulous! I'd definitely recommend lessons with Julie if you want to be safe, confident and enjoy your driving :) Thank you Julie!! x
Posted by Nicole Skivens on
I had Julie as my instructor and I can honestly say I could not wish for a better instructor. Everything was explained quickly, and every lesson was enjoyable as she always made everything positive. She made me feel confident and stopped me totally freaking out before my test! Without Julie I really don't think I would of been able to pass as quick as I did and I would recommend her to you as I can promise she will make you enjoy driving and will improve your confidence behind the wheel, thanks again Julie, couldn't of done it without you!
Posted by Kate Russell on
Just want to give a huge thanks to Tricia for being such a great instructor during the course of my lessons. She was so lovely, bubbly and we always had a laugh! I suffered terribly from nerves and anxiety when I started driving lessons as it was such a huge step and a new experience but Tricia gave me so much confidence and helped me feel at ease, making driving so enjoyable. :) I never dreaded my lessons, always looked forward to them! She gave me great advice and was ever so supportive and made driving fun! I recommend Tricia to anyone. The only sad thing is, I will miss my lessons and Tricia! X
Posted by Becky Howarth on
I loved having Tricia as my driving instructor and although extremely happy that I passed my test, I was extremely upset that I wouldn't be having anymore lessons with her. My Dad recommended her to me as he would see her driving in and out of the village we live in and I'm so glad he did! She is so kind, patient, caring and a lovely person to have your driving lessons with. She would put up with my 'Special Moments' (which were quite frequent) and help me get over the Will Adams Roundabout in Gillingham (quite literally!). I passed my exam back in December and I have felt safe and confident driving thanks to Tricia, my only problem was that I felt a bit lonely without my good old chats with her! I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends (one who has recently passed with her) and anyone else who is looking for a driving instructor. Thank you so much Tricia :) I couldn't have done it without you and I appreciate all that you did for me x
Posted by Kate on
I have just recently passed my practical driving test and is over the moon with the result! I was tutored by Tricia and I'm so glad I picked her as my driving instructor. She gave me so much confidence to get through to this stage. I always suffered terribly from nerves and anxiety and driving was such a big step for me. However, I have grown to adore driving and the lessons were thoroughly enjoyable. I never dreaded my lessons, I always looked forward to them. Tricia is lovely and so bubbly, we would always have a laugh and she always made me feel at ease if I were to have one of my panic attacks haha. Her advice was ever so supportive. I recommend anyone to her. The only sad thing is, I am going to miss my driving lessons and Tricia ! :'D Thanks so much again! x
Posted by Jiorgia Castle on
After previously learning with another driving school and being taught in a negative way, I spent several months with no confidants and not succeeding. That was until I booked my first lesson with Tricia. Not only did I get my confidence back and pass my driving test, I also had the perfect experience. Tricia didn’t just become my instructor but she also became some what of a friend, she was always happy and we could always laugh about anything. She will make you feel very at ease. I was taught brilliant skills whilst learning with Corsa U Can and I couldn’t thank Tricia enough. I highly recommend this driving school within the Medway area and around!!!!
Posted by Saffron on
Just passed my practical with Julie and she has got to be the most amazing person ever! When I first started my lessons with her I was so shy and unconfident. I always got everything wrong, Julie has given me so much more confidence and I can't thank her enough for putting up with me! I loved every lesson and she is so passionate about helping others. I can't even explain how happy she has made me! I would recommend everyone to learn with her, best person ever! Thanks Julie! Xxxxx
Posted by Danielle McCarthy on
I passed my driving test yesterday after being taught by Julie and I couldn't be happier! Without Julie as my instructor it would have taken me a lot longer to pass, she had faith in me and made me feel so much more confident about what I could do. Julie is an amazing teacher and I wouldn't be able to fault her in any way. She is very passionate about her work and just wants her pupils to pass. Not only is she a good teacher she is also a lovely person and I will miss seeing her every week and sharing laughs. I would reckoned her to anyone that wants to learn to drive. Thank you so much for your time and effort Ju :) x
Posted by Marzena on
It took me long time to get my licence so now when I finally passed I cannot believe I managed to do it. At times I thought I will never get it.

Julie was the second instructor I had and I regret so much that I have not met her earlier. I was not the easiest learner to deal with but Julie was truly amazing. She was very patient with me and did everything to help me to improve my driving and eliminate silly mistakes that was making me to fail my exams. She is very passionate and committed to her job. Julie guided me all the way through. If it wasn't for her I would have probably given up at some point.

I recommend 'Corsa U Can' to everyone who wants to learn how to drive well and become a confident driver. Its a very good and professional driving school.
Posted by Amy Swindell on
I passed with Julie, who first of all is an amazing instructor she's patient with you and allows you to learn at your own speed she's hilarious, funny, quirky & so down to earth. She knows when to get down to business & allow you to achieve at your best! Julie helped me in so many ways & im glad i had her as my instructor! You are guaranteed to pass with Corsa U Can! Thank you for all your help Julie and see you out there on the roads! :) x
Posted by Alex Moore on
Julie is a wonderful instructor, she is exceptionally patient and doesn't mind to show you how you're going wrong or explain something again. I only passed because of all the support she gave me and I couldn't say anything bad about her at all. Thanks Julie!!
Posted by Sian on
Passed my practical test only yesterday with just two minors! Never thought that I would ever get to that stage especially as I gave up learning with my previous instructor but once I decided that it was something I needed to do, I searched and found Tricia. She helped me get my confidence back, at the start I was terrified before every lesson pacing up and down my front room waiting for her to arrive but as the lessons went on, I started to feel at ease with Tricia, she never put me down only encouraged me to do my absolute best. I'm so glad that I got Tricia as my instructor, she put up with me when I used to second guess myself and I know I couldn't have passed without her guidance. I'd recommend her to anyone.
Thanks again for everything!
:) x
Posted by Catherine on
I am so glad that Tricia was able to take me on and teach me how to drive!

I had explained to her that I was currently with an instructor I had been with a YEAR! He had knocked my confidence so much that I was too terrified to take a test, I was nearly ready to give up, however, Tricia reassured me and gave me the confidence to leave this instructor and begin to learn to drive properly.

Tricia was patient, informative and very relaxing to be around, she had me pass ready in no time. I certainly feel like a safe, confident driver now and it's almost a shame that I have passed as I will miss Tricia's company.

Would 100% recommend this wonderful company, comfortable cars to drive and lovely instructors, money well spent! Only downside is that I hadn't heard of this company first :)
Posted by Jerri Ann Harper on
I cant thank Julie enough for her patience the last couple of months i passed with only 5 minors ! I enjoyed every lesson with Julie and would recommend Corsaucan to anyone !! I will miss having my lessons with Julie we had some giggles along the way but thank you so much for all your hard work xxxx
Posted by Rose Akem on
Julie we did it!!!

Thank you for your patience, making driving fun, relaxed whilst instilling discipline and loads of confidence. I could never have done it without such an experienced, professional, instructor. I can now confidently hit the roads, knowing other road users are safe. Definitely recommend as an A*-Plus instructor and role model.

Thank you Julie.
I'll miss the laughter :)
Posted by Hayley Bishop on
Thank you Julie!!!
loved learning to drive with Julie so easy going, patient and no question is a silly question! felt very comfortable and confidant driving with Julie. I can now go out on the road on my own with confidence and knowing what is right and what is wrong!
going to miss you Julie and all the fun times we have had together!
Take care! xxx
Posted by Abby Briggs on
I would like to say a huge thank you to Tricia for giving me the confidence to pass my test and for all the patience and fun during my lessons. For a year I had been driving with a different company and lost all confidence, and since driving with Tricia my confidence boosted and she made driving so enjoyable. I couldn't have achieved driving without you. It has truely been the best experience I have ever had and now I can drive with confidence on the road. I will continue to sing your praises and reccomend CORSA U CAN to everyone. Thank you for all of your help that helped me achieve my goal :D
Posted by Sam Nicholls on
Julie was an amazing,patient and fair instructor could not of wishe for a better one I passed with 4 minors and successfully completed pass plus thanks Julie even though I was so nervous Julie always put me at ease cheers Julie miss you already lol
Posted by Jo Lovett on
Driving with Julie has been the best experience yet! I was nervous to start off with and Julie helped me to keep calm and stay in control. Julie is a very thorough instructor and makes sure you will get it right, you just have to listen and do what she says. I passed my first test today with 2 minors and I am a much confident driver. Thankyou very much Julie, I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor and I would recommend you to anyone!

Thanks again!xxx
Posted by Siani Finan on
I would like to say a massive thankyou to Julie for helping me pass my test! She is an amazing instructor and very passionate about her job. Julie made driving enjoyable and made me very confident on the roads. I have loved every lesson and would recommend CorsaUcan to anyone!! Thankyou so much for everything Julie!! Xxxxxxx
Posted by Christine Farrell on
When I started lessons at 36 I had never been behind the wheel of a car and I was absolutely terrified of driving. Tricia was amazing, so patient and calm, always put my mind at ease and never rushed me. I can't thank Tricia enough for seeing me through the whole process. I passed my test last week (one of the best feelings in the world!) and now I can't wait to get on the road!! Thank you Tricia!
Posted by Lucy Simpson on
After driving with another school and losing all confidence in myself and my driving, I was a very hesitant driver. However after 5 minutes of being in the car with Tricia, I felt completely at ease. She was amazing, patient and constantly encouraged me. I never felt any pressure or never dreaded my lessons (like I used to with my old driving instructor). Im so happy I chose Corsa U Can and cannot thank Tricia enough for all the help. Would reccomend the driving school to anyone!
Posted by Josie Senington on
I first started learning to drive 6 years ago and stopped because I ran out of both money and confidence. My partner then got me lessons with Julie as a birthday present and I was terrified to start again! I started lessons in April and passed my test 3 months later first time with no minors! I can't believe how far I came in such a short space of time and it's all because of Julie. Her patience and humour made my lessons really enjoyable and the trust she showed in me gave me so much confidence. I can't believe my luck now I'm driving everywhere on my own. I need to say a huge thank you to my partner and an even bigger one to Julie for giving me the push I definitely needed!
Posted by Natasha Hughes on
I was recommended to Corsa U Can by one of my Sixth Form peers and it was honestly the best recommendation for anything I've ever had! Tricia is such a bubbly, friendly, chatty driving instructor; I honestly felt completely at ease knowing I was being taught everything I now know by someone so professional and lovely! I had just over a year's worth of driving lessons and I managed to pass first time which I am so so so happy about, I will seriously miss Tricia and our chats about our dogs! Thank you for everything Corsa U Can, I will continue to recommend you to my friends from now until forever! X
Posted by Rachel Gannaway on
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Julie, who was an awesome instructor and made my lessons very enjoyable! After I turned seventeen and received lessons with Corsa U Can I couldn't wait to start and that same excitement and love of driving hasn't left me. Julie made me feel very comfortable and confident when in the driver's seat with her very bubbly and friendly personality and overall approach to teaching. I won't ever forget my learning experience with Julie and I will miss our lessons very much, but it won't be the last you'll see of me and i'll be the first to encourage my friends and family to learn with Corsa U Can.

Thanks again Julie :)
Posted by rachel childs on
Absolutely brilliant company teaching people of all ages how to drive, i am extremly proud of myself passing first time and I'm sure tricia is as well. Thank you for all of the support and help you've given my throughout my time learning with you. I am now ready to drive solo. Thank you
Posted by Anj Batra on
Julie has been the best instructor I could have asked for. She is extremely patient and put me at ease as soon as I started learning lessons. We always had fun on our lessons and I looked forward to them every week. Thanks so much for your patience Julie! Il really miss our laughs
Posted by Kiera on
I was so nervous about driving, but Tricia was so reassuring and has been throughout all of my lessons! She always stays calm and is so professional! She has made me feel very confident and comfortable when driving! Highly recommend corsa u can, Thankyou again for all your help X
Posted by Danielle on
I recently passed my driving test first time which is something I never thought I'd say because I've always been nervous about driving! Tricia was really encouraging and patient, and made me feel really relaxed during the lessons! I'm so happy that I chose Corsa U Can and I cannot thank Tricia enough! Would definitively recommend to anyone :)!!
Posted by Paige Policelli on
Started off driving with an instructor who had completely destroyed my confidence within driving so I had changed to Corsa U Can with Tricia after lots of brilliant recommendations.

My expectations were above and beyond and I went from dreading lessons to actually being excited and I thoroughly enjoyed driving! Tricia is the most calm instructor and makes driving feel natural, she will never push you but will let you see your ability through nerves.

I passed my test first time, with ZERO minors which was a such a big deal for me- safe to say both of us were extremely happy!! Cannot thank Tricia enough for all of her time and effort with me. Would recommend her to everyone, learning to drive was actually so fun and I will actually miss having driving lessons!

Thankyou Tricia!
Posted by Aaron Kiernan on
Julie has been an absolutely fantastic instructor. I first began learning in October and I was a disaster. I managed to stall the car at every possible instance, alternated behind roadrunner speeds and snail crawl sporadically and panicked with alarming frequency.

Julie's style of teaching has built my confidence, improved my skills and given me respect for the road. She's taken me through every aspect of driving from tricky manoeuvres, keeping steady and taking precautions to offset the downright dangerous driving other road users exhibit on a daily basis.

She never hesitated to tell me when I was wrong, but also how to improve. This positive reinforcement has ironed out my mistakes and made me a far more confident and capable driver than many who are able to pass. She goes far beyond the call of duty to ensure her students are incredibly capable, confident and safe drivers who improve the quality of drivers in the UK as a whole.

I have no complaints whatsoever and can't praise Julie enough for bringing me so far, so quickly, being completely understanding and never failing to go the extra mile or ten for her students. In particular, her preparation for the test was excellent. She provided vital tips for the hazard perception and takes all students on an extended, intensive preparation set of lessons for the exam, going over every difficult area of road in the test zone, taking you down the independent drive sections and going over the crucial minutiae of every manoeuvre.

If you are considering learning to drive (or sending your child to learn) I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. Not only is she a great instructor, but a brilliant personality and unfailingly witty.
Posted by Leighanne on
Julie has been the best instructor I could ask for! I first started driving with Julie in October after having a different instructor beforehand, and my confidence with driving was very low. Over the past few months Julie has helped me build my confidence up and become the confident driver I am today, in which I passed first time and I couldn't thank her enough!

She's helped me with manoeuvres, no matter how many times I went wrong, which trust me, was ALOT, she stuck by me, told me what I needed to do and made be gain the perfect outcome!

Within the car, Julie makes you feel very relaxed and you can have fun and enjoyable lessons, where you learn a lot! I not once ever felt awkward or pressurised within my lessons with Julie, and she was always there to check how I was feeling. I have been through some tough times, and Julie was there to help me improve my driving, even through hard times!

I couldn't complain once about the way Julie teaches, and I praise her so much for helping me pass my test and being where I am today. Julie made sure that you were 100% comfortable for your test, and answers any queries to the best of her ability, which boost my confidence a lot!

If you're considering lessons, or would like to recommend lessons to people, I would highly recommend Julie! Not only is she good for instructing, she's a lovely person to have as part of your life, even if it is only for a couple of months!

I couldn't have asked for a better few months learning to drive!

Thankyou Julie!
Posted by Daniel Walker on
Julie is an amazing instructor I can't thank her enough. I started my driving lessons in February and passed in July first time with only 3 minors!

Before I came to Julie I wasn't confident in my driving as my past instructor taught me badly so I picked up bad habits. Julie helped me get back on track and taught me her way of driving. It took time and patience however I got there in the end with her guidance.

She is very passionate about her job and wants everyone to pass first time and does her best that she can for you. Julie makes you feel comfortable and relaxed every lesson and gets 110% out of you. What I liked most about learning with her is that she is so down to earth and is not afraid to give you constructive criticism so that you improve and don't keep making the same mistakes.

I would also recommend doing the pass plus course after you have passed your test as it has made me so comfortable going on motorways. Overall I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor and will miss her being part of my life even though it was just a few months, she made me believe in myself and my driving, I can't thank her enough.

Thankyou Julie
Posted by Sophie Ellerker on
Thank you so much to Tricia for teaching me how to drive. She is a very patient instructor and ensures you have the best chances of passing your test first time. I passed my driving test first time with just ONE minor which I was so relieved about!!!!!!!! I have really enjoyed learning to drive and feel confident to set off on my own.

Thank you Tricia for all your help :)
Posted by Josh Gray on
Julie is a fantastic teacher, who will make anyone feel at home behind the wheel – Having booked my first lesson for my birthday, I was eager to start, and could immediately tell I was in competent and capable hands. Julie is very calm and relaxed, and will make you feel comfortable from the moment you have your first lesson all the way through to passing your test.
She is a very understanding person, and can relate to any issues you are having; helping you to overcome whatever obstacles you face; to progress you and your driving to the next level. Julie has helped me in an amazing way - giving me confidence in my driving, and ability to drive safely. She has a fantastic attitude, and radiates happiness – It is obvious that she cares about her students, and I’m sure that all her past, present and future students can agree with me when I say that she is a wonderful lady and has done a service to us all. This most definitely won’t be the last you see of me Julie (◠‿◠) and for anyone looking for lessons, Julie has my sincerest recommendations - that I know I will pass on to anyone seeking driving lessons!
Posted by Shannon Brown on
I want to thank Julie for being my instructor I could not wished for a better instructor. Every lesson was enjoyable, reliable and made you feel safe, lovely teacher and knows what she is doing. Julie made me feel confident in my driving and don't think I would of been able to do it without her. Highly recommend.
Posted by Amber on
Honestly can't thank Julie enough! I'd had a couple of driving instructors and none of them were even in the same league as Julie. She was patient, she explained things and she understood how best to get through to me so I could actually pass my test- something I never thought would happen! Thankyou Julie, you're the best!
Posted by Emma Fitchett on
I cannot thank Tricia enough for all she has done for me. My journey with learning to drive has not been an easy one, but she has stuck by me for a year and a half! She believed in me and this itself truly shows how patient she is!

I have been able to make mistakes with her and learn from them whilst also having a great amount of fun with her - talking anything and everything about life! This made my lessons more enjoyable and took the pressure off when I had a lesson that didn't always go as well as I would have hoped.

Thank you so much Tricia for sticking with me this long you've not only helped me develop my driving skills, but also help Ne develop as a person and enable me to grow and never give up.

You believed in me at the times I didn't believe in myself - so thank you! Never thought I would pass first time!

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