Driving Test - Theory

Much has been made of the theory section of the driving test, before learning to drive some people are even more apprehensive of this than they are of the practical. Corsa U Can will give you all the tools to take this in your stride with no need for nerves.

The theory test comprises 50 multiple-choice questions that are taken from a bank of over 1000 DSA theory test questions, all based on the Highway Code and road safety matters.

The questions will include a case study - a scenario on which five questions will be based. The case study will involve a real life situation that a driver could face whilst driving and aims to assess your understanding of road safety issues and not simply the answer to a given question.

The theory test exam is taken using a touch screen computer. You'll have a fifteen-minute practice session before the theory test begins. Only one question will appear on screen at a time and you will be able to navigate backwards/forwards through the questions assessing answers and changing them if necessary.

Book your driving theory test online. Phone - call 0300 2001122. Have your credit/debit card and provisional driving licence number with you. You will be given the date and time of your theory test immediately.You can also obtain a theory driving test booking form from your instructor, any theory or driving test centre or by calling 0300 2001122.

Average wait times are currently 2 to 3 days. The current cost is £23.00. This price includes the hazard perception test.


Take to the test centre your provisional licence, which is the photocard

If you have an old-style licence without a photo you must also bring a valid passport.

Failure to present these documents will result in your test being cancelled without a refund being given.

You should also take your appointment card or booking number.