Tricia and Julie

Julie and Tricia have been instructors for 14 years now, they first met when they worked for different companies. They met at the Gravesend test centre when both their pupils were on tests, for the whole 40 minutes they were gone they talked solid. They just hit it off straight away. A few days later Julie called Tricia to ask her if she would do a mock test on one of her pupils, it helps to do this sometimes to see how a pupil is going to be on test with a person they don’t know, as a pupil is sometimes worried about the examiner and not knowing them. To be honest though they have nothing to worry about as they are not as scary as you think they will be, quite the opposite.

So Tricia did the mock test and that’s where their friendship really began. Julie had decided to leave the company she was working for and to come over to work with the company that Tricia had been at for 2 years. However they only carried on working there for a couple of months as it soon became obvious that they both wanted to branch out on their own. They quickly and came up with the name for their new driving school, CORSA U CAN. It embodied the attitude that has made them so successful and reflected the cars they drove.

They started the driving school in 2007 and here they are 14 years later still going strong, all the way from Sidcup to Gillingham and in-between.

Corsa U Can’s Cars

It’s hardly suprising that we use Vauxhall Corsas. Described by What Car as “refined, comfortable and pretty good to drive. Running costs are affordable and the cabin spacious”.

Carbuyer said “The Vauxhall Corsa is a firm fixture in the UK’s best sellers list – and with good reason. The spacious supermini offers practicality and comfort on a par its rivals and gets plenty of interior storage, including a large glovebox and an optional two-tier boot floor. Following a mechanical refresh in 2010, the Corsa received a brand-new face and a series of interior updates to bring it back up to date with more modern competition. It is comfortable and nippy around town.

We find that they are ideal cars for learners as they are not too challenging while still presenting enough of a challenge to ensure that you are not surprised by whatever you move on to (Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamboghinis etc excepted).