What People Say About Us

Suzie Lees
When I contacted Corsa u Can I had my test booked for a date only two weeks away and although I had learnt with a different school in a completely different area, Tricia agreed to take me on. Tricia could only fit me in for one lesson but luckily Julie could do a couple of hours a day, even though it meant she had to do some very early starts. Julie was a wonderful teacher, loads of fun and very patient. She chatted my nerves away and got me to the stage where I passed my test, something not everyone could have done! I heartily recommend either Tricia or Julie to anyone.
When I first stated taking my driving lessons I was with a different company which Tricia worked for, when Tricia swapped over companies I really wanted to stay with her, Tricia is very friendly and really patient which helped because I was really nervous, she made me feel really comfortable when driving and gave me really good and clear instructions when driving which you need and also Tricia will make sure you understand them before moving onto something new. So if you want a nice friendly and caring instructor go for Tricia (also you can have laugh!!!!!) I also had a mock test with Julie and I also meet Julie with Tricia a few times, Julie is also very clear on instructions and a caring and nice person to be around. So basically there both fantastic instructors and I couldn’t ask for any better than Tricia and Julie.
Julie is the best choice for any person who wishes to learn to drive. She is patient, extremely skilled and above all, friendly. She never rushed me but she gave me the gentle pushes that I required in order to pass my test first time. I learnt something new each lesson and I went from being petrified to touch the accelerator, to driving with ease. When you get to know Julie you soon realise that she genuinely cares about her students and their progress, and this friendly open attitude will put you at ease instantly. You cannot ask for a better instructor.
Anyone who is even the slightest bit scared of learning to drive, Julie is your lady.

I am 29 and it took me a long time to get my head round the idea that I could drive with out causing serious harm! I lacked confidence and needed to progress at my own pace. Julie was brilliant, she calmed my fears and was always patience even when I was having a bad lesson, gave clear instruction and knew when I needed a push and when not. After lots of encouragement I passed my test with only 3 minors and not only enough knowledge to pass my test but also to feel confident on the road.

I will miss my lessons with Julie and the giggles we had as she was always cheerful and bright.

I had put of learning to drive for years through fear and also because I am a very nervous person.

In September 2008 at the the age of 29 with two young kids I decided enough was enough and plucked up the courage to ring Julie, she put me at ease from the minute she answered the phone and I have never looked back.

I was terrified on my first lesson but Julie done her best to jolly me out of it. With each lesson my confidence grew a little more and Julie knew just how to make me laugh she has a fantastic sense of humour.

I wasn’t the quickest learner and it took time for me to pick the manoeuvres up but Julie never rushed me instead she allowed me to take things at my own pace always helping me and whenever I would get frustrated with myself she would defuse the situation with her fantastic humour.

My lessons seemed to fly by and before I knew it Julie was telling me I was ready and I should book my test, even up to this point I didn’t believe I could do it but I put my faith in Julie and booked my test.

August the 17th 2009 will be a day I will always remember the day I passed my test!

I cant begin to thank Julie enough for what she has done for me and my confidence behind the wheel, the one thing I will always be thankful for was she never gave up on me and I would urge anyone wanting to learn to drive to contact Julie the lady is a legend!!

Mandy x

Louise Rogers
 I made the decision to ring Tricia for driving lessons after being recommended by a friend, and after having my first lesson i knew i had made the right choice. Tricia is a relaxed instructor who immediately puts you at ease. I felt comfortable with Tricia’s teaching style and had no doubts that she would be able to assist me in my learning.

She combines a calm but in control atmosphere which provides you with confidence in your own ability.

Tricia continually gave me the small pushes i needed to make progress in order to pass my test. I have nowpassed and love driving. I would recommend Tricia to everyone.

I hadn’t been behind the wheel in over 10 years when I finally found Trish via the website. I really had lost faith in learning to drive. Learning with Trish gave it all back to me. She has a great sense of humour and most importantly is calm and patient.

Trish taught me a whole new way of learning, explaining easily breakdowns of manoeuvres, which didn’t involve lining stickers up in the windows. After failing 5 tests previously , which is part why I gave up to start with, I passed on my second attempt with Trish, and it is all down to her teaching. I never thought it would happen, but Trish gave me the confidence to pass and I will always be thankful for that.

Trish is quite simply the best kind of instructor to learn with, I should know, I have been with quite a few!